Godwayne Songalia

Godwayne Songalia

Hello, I am Godwayne, a dedicated film score composer with a passion for crafting immersive and evocative musical landscapes.

A pivotal moment in my musical development occurred when my father constructed a home studio. This invaluable resource allowed me to experiment with both live and MIDI instruments, fostering a versatile skill set. I immersed myself in learning through numerous face to face, online classes, tutorials, and practical experiences, continually expanding my knowledge.

Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to contribute to various short films and small game projects. Each endeavor has been an invaluable experience, allowing me to refine my craft and deliver soundtracks that enhance the emotional and narrative depth of the projects.

My work reflects my dedication and deep appreciation for the art of film scoring.

Currently, I am in my final year of studying Music Production at St. Benilde University, further honing my skills and preparing for a professional career in this field.

My musical journey commenced at the age of 11 when I first picked up the guitar, initially focusing on Rock and Blues. As I matured, my interests broadened to include diverse genres such as Jazz, RnB, and Classical music.